Defeat Dandruff,
Embrace Confidence

Dandruff can be a nuisance that causes discomfort and affects your self-esteem – but remember, you're not alone. Dandruff is a common issue that can be controlled. So, take the first step towards a flake- and itch-free scalp and regain your confidence with our treatments at the Chicago Skin Clinic.

What Is Dandruff?

Dandruff is a common scalp condition where small pieces of dry skin flake and fall off the scalp. It can be itchy, uncomfortable, and for some, even embarrassing, but dandruff is nothing to be self-conscious about. In fact, it's been reported to affect almost half of all adults.

From infancy to puberty to adulthood, dandruff is a common and treatable condition. Let's break down exactly what's happening.

What Causes Dandruff?

Typically, the skin cells around your scalp grow and die at a steady pace. When you have dandruff, however, your skin cells’ life cycles speed up, and this new rapid pace causes your skin cells to clump and flake. Some reasons for this may include:

  • A cold, dry season sweeping in
  • Increased stress
  • Certain hair care products
  • Pre-existing medical conditions such as eczema
  • A fungus called Malassezia

The Symptoms

Although it can be more difficult to place the exact cause, the signs, such as flaky skin or redness, are easy to spot and let us know when to start treatment. Some of the symptoms included are:

  • Dry skin flakes from the scalp, eyebrows, beard or mustache, and shoulders
  • Itchy Scalp
  • For infants, scaly, crusty scalps from cradle caps
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Treating Dandruff At Chicago Skin Clinic

At Chicago Skin Clinic, Dr. Danny Del Campo and Dr. Danilo Del Campo are ready to get you a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan to effectively manage your dandruff. With their expertise, your scalp health and confidence couldn't be in better hands.

Let's explore some of the innovative treatments and therapies they can use to help you.

Medicated Shampoos

As the first line of defense for treating itchy, flakey skin, medicated shampoos can eliminate dandruff, fight off flakes and irritation.

The key ingredients found in the shampoo decrease the yeast called the fungus Malassezia, reduce the amount of skin flakes produced, and break down the "glue" that holds skin flakes together.

To make the most out of your medicated shampoo treatment, ensure you massage it into your scalp using your fingers. Once it covers the scalp, let it sit for a few minutes to get those active ingredients working.

After the shampoo has done its job, give it an attentive rinse – if any shampoo is left in your hair, it could cause irritation.

Our dermatologists can prescribe a specific shampoo that accommodates you and your needs in a safe and effective way.

Topical Steroids

Corticosteroid creams and lotions are some over-the-counter solutions that can be used on the face, scalp, and most locations where dandruff may affect you. They can even be used in unison with medicated shampoos, although you should always check with your doctor to know exactly what to do.

To fight off seborrheic dermatitis, antifungal creams can be applied once or twice a day to reduce the number of yeast organisms living on the skin.

Home Remedies

You may not expect a skin clinic to recommend home remedies, but at Chicago Skin Clinic, we want the absolute best for our patients. Managing stress, eating a healthy diet, and making a hair routine that fits you, help in reducing your risk of dandruff.

Stress can trigger or worsen your condition, so reducing stress can reduce dandruff. Making sure you're consuming foods with zinc and vitamin B can also lessen your symptoms. Using the right shampoos and conditioners that fit your hair and scalp type can reduce dry outs and irritation.

Take the First Step Towards a Flake-Free, Itch-Free Scalp

If you're ready to take control of your dandruff and reclaim your confidence, schedule a consultation at our Chicago office today.

Dr. Danny Del Campo and Dr. Danilo Del Campo will assess your condition, discuss the benefits of various treatment options, and customize a treatment tailored to your specific needs and goals.

With our comprehensive approach, we can manage your dandruff and restore your scalp health and your confidence.