Laser Hair Removal for the Summer

Picture this: there are two “yous.” The first–you got laser hair removal for the summer, and she’s beach-ready without a care. The second–you ran off to the beach and forgot to shave your armpits. Which “you” do you want to be? 

At the Chicago Skin Clinic, we’re here to help you avoid fashion catastrophes like this so you can enjoy the best weather of the year without the Instagram paparazzi catching you in an unflattering off-guard. Never worry about forgetting to shave again – from the boost in confidence to long-lasting results, our laser hair removal treatments have got you covered. 

Love the Benefits

First thing’s first: laser hair removal provides Chicago Skin Clinic patients with a wide range of benefits that keep them coming back for more. Here’s what you’ll love: 

Long-Lasting Results

Laser hair removal targets the hair follicles in your skin to prevent future hair growth and reduce the need for regular maintenance. These long-lasting results make getting ready for the beach an easy, breezy process – just put on your swimsuit and hit the waves all summer long, no shaving or waxing necessary. 

Safe, Effective, & Comfortable

Razor bumps and painful nicks be gone! Laser treatment is virtually painless and works without damaging the surrounding tissue, even for people with sensitive skin. Most patients only experience a mild tingling sensation during the process at most, making it far more comfortable than other alternatives. Plus, laser hair removal reduces the risk of developing ingrown hairs. Win-win. 

Treat Hair Anywhere

This treatment is highly versatile, so you can remove unwanted hair growth in most areas of the body. Many of our Chicago Skin Clinic patients choose to get treatment for hair growth on the face, legs, arms, underarms, and bikini area to feel beach-ready for the summer. 

Save $$$

Shaving products are part of a billion-dollar industry, and most women spend up to $10,000 on razors and shaving cream over the course of their lives. Waxing treatments? They cost even more. 

A recent study claims women who replace their shaving routine with laser hair removal can save up to $7,000 over the course of their lifetimes; women who switch to laser treatment from waxing routines sometimes save up to $20,000. 


Instead of worrying whether you shaved before wearing that new dress, you can rest easy knowing that there’s no hair left to cause a fashion catastrophe. You’re all covered (or should we say, uncovered?)

How Laser Hair Removal Works

At the Chicago Skin Clinic, our hyper-advanced hair removal laser is called GentleLASE. This device uses high-energy, long-pulse light waves that target the melanin within each hair follicle and prevent it from growing hair in the future. Paired with a dynamic cooling device (DCD) that cools the skin the second before the laser pulse, GentleLASE reduces discomfort and makes for a quick and effective removal process. 

Seeking treatment for hair removal starts by booking your first appointment. You’ll see results after your first hour-long treatment, but you may need between four and six treatments to achieve long-term results. Touch-up treatments may also be needed, but your Chicago Skin Clinic doctor will help determine if and when they are necessary. 

Laser Hair Removal for the Summer

Get Beach Body Ready at the Chicago Skin Clinic

Summer is right around the corner, and the upcoming season will be that much better with laser hair removal from our team of experts. With years of experience helping patients feel better when they look in the mirror, we have the skills and expertise to provide all types of skincare, from fillers to microneedling and everything in between. Call our office in Chicago to book your next appointment today!